AASTU Top Management Talks To Postgraduate Student

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, in the presence of the university’s top management, held a discussion forum with its postgraduate program students on Dec 21/2017.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. NurelegneTefera, President of University said that the university is working vigorously to back and sustain the rapid economic growth and transformation that our country is undergoing through technological transfer, invention of new technologies and training of highly qualified manpower for the existing and upcoming industries. For this to happen, he continued, research based Masters and PhD programs that are linked with the University’s Center of Excellences- are already opened. He further said, “Today’s round-table discussion is organized to identify problems if any in the teaching learning process of the postgraduate program and to find solutions with you.”.

Accordingly, the postgraduate students have raised some issues to be resolved promptly. The problems, they mentioned are related with the teaching learning process and some other infrastructural problems.

Finally, the top management of the university promised to check and to give immediate solutions to the avowed problems.


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