AASTU celebrates the 9th National Flag Day

“Our Flag is a Manifestation of our Sovereignty, and a Symbol for our Unity in Diversity”

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) celebrates the  9th National Flag Day in its premises on October 18,2016 with the presence of Dr. Nurelegne Tefera, President of AASTU, vice presidents, deans, directors, students and other university community members.

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Speaking at the occasion, Nurelegne Tefera (PhD), President of the university, first expresses his deepest sorrow and sends his condolences to those who have lost their loved ones due to the current unrest in different parts of the country.  He then said that while marking the day, we need to honor our fathers and grandfathers who have paid the heaviest price .Throughout history , he noted, Ethiopians used their national flag to rally against their enemies and many have died to defend their country’s flag and honor.  

Unlike the past, he added, our war and struggle is different. It is against ignorance and poverty. As a higher institution, we are given a mission, a higher mission, which is fighting poverty and transforming Ethiopia into a middle-income country.

For this to happen, AASTU’s management is doing hard to meet the special attention given to the university by the Ethiopian government.  As you all know, he continued, our university is expected to provide problem-solving researches as well as to produce specialized, qualified and capable teachers and researchers to other universities and research institutions. Focusing on technology transfer in the prioritized development sectors of the country is another assignment given to the institution.

As a result, he further said, we are in the process of recruiting best and capable instructors. We are also making ceaseless efforts to establish well-equipped workshops and laboratories. However, he added, this alone cannot make us successful. We all have to work hand and glove to realize the bigger plan set by the government.

The celebration is closed by raising the National Flag and singing the National Anthem.

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