AASTU conducts the Third Annual Science, Technology and Innovation Competition

Organized by Office of University Industry Linkage Directorate together with Student Union of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU), the University conducts the third annual Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) competition from May 17-20, 2017.

The program is held in the presence of top management of the university, invited guests from industries, representatives from government offices and students.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Nurelegne Teffera, President of the university, said that the competition is the flagship initiative of AASTU and can be seen as a symbol to the university’s commitment to education in science, engineering and ICT.

22 innovative projects are presented in the third annual STI competition, and compared to last year the number of projects staged to the final competition has increased by 29%.

Such competitions, according to Dr. Nurelegne, aimed at encouraging students who have a strong inclination towards STI. In relation to this, he said, the university is helping and will help such initiatives through all rounded support such as financial and material. If nurtured carefully and wisely, he further said, these innovative projects done by students may even solve some of the practical problems our industries have been facing.

The innovative project CNC milling, CNC lath and CNC laser presented by Yosef Endale , a 4th -year student from the Manufacturing Engineering department, stood first and won the 20,000 birr prize. In his work, Yosef invented a machine that has a direct and meaningful intervention in the advertising industry.

Beniam Dereje, a 2nd -year student, from department of Electrical Engineering, took the second place and won 15,000 birr prize by his work Wireless Technology that can charge smart cellphones without putting them with wires.  Beniam, in his work, also demonstrated an automatic electric fence that can boost the security issues of industries.

Production of Complimentary Food Suplimented with  Moringa Leaf  is the project done by Bethelehem Hailu. It stood third and won the 10,000 birr prize. Bethelehem is a 4th – year student from the the department of Food Science and she is the only female participant in the competition. In her work, Bethelehem showed how to produce a product that has positive effect in enhancing children’s physical and mental development.

A total of 80,000 birr is awarded to the best 10 innovative projects. The university management also awards 1000 birr for all the students who participated in the Science, Technology and Innovation competition and certificate of participation and recognition for their participation.

All including the Office of University Industry Linkage and the Research and Technology Transfer Directorate are thanked for the reason that without their hard work and commitment, this program would not have been successful.

Each year, AASTU will continue to honor its best and brightest students for their innovative ideas and accomplishments who- one day – will change the country and the world for the better.

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