AASTU disposes Annual University Industry Linkage (UIL) Conference

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University UIL directorate, in collaboration with Research and Technology Transfer V/P, organize the annual university industry linkage workshop with a theme of “Creating open Communication to Enhance University Industry Linkage” on the 30th of March, 2017.

In his opening remarks Dr. Mesfin Tafase , points  out that as such discussion   provides  extensive  opportunities  to sort out the undergoing  tribulations in the sectors and shaft of light  the techniques  to prevail over problems. He recapped the speech by encouraging the participants to ahead their valuable thoughts for the betterment of UIL.

Having participants self-introductions, AASTU’s five Colleges are took time to preface about their works. Accordingly, each college briefs their profile, ongoing & completed research, training potentials and future plans allied to UIL. During their presentations, College research and technology transfer associate deans’ disclose that as they are focusing on conducting demand driven research in science and technology.

As most participants’ reactions, the colleges’ presentations give them superior insight to be aware of & to know-how AASTU has been making efforts to strength the University Industry Linkage. In addition to these, the participants appreciate the initiatives that AASTU’s UIL directorate took to create such communication forum in present stakeholders; government officials, industry managers, institution directors, researchers and university lectures.

It was also mentioned that, the journey so far in University -Industry Linkage sector was not efficient as expected; thus, comments were given to take accurate and prompt deed to strengthen the UIL in the country. In view of that, all stakeholders shared assignments to make efforts on reinforcing the sector.

As a final point, participants were grouped according to their field – constructions and manufacturing- and shared experiences, made thoughtful discussions and going over on future directions

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