Dr. Shimelis Bekele
Undergraduate Programs Directorate
Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
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Mob: (+251) 911136383
E-mail: shimelis.bekele@aastu.edu.et


About the Undergraduate Programs Directorate

The Undergraduate Programs Directorate, formerly known as the Academic Program Officer is one of the core directorates under the vice president for the academic affairs in the university. It is under this directorate on which the University’s principal objective lies. Thus, directorate runs the Undergraduate programs in the various disciplines in line with the national development objectives. The directorate is designed to meet the strategic goals of the country by providing affordable, accessible, and pedagogically-structured skilled manpower who will be engaged in innovative designing, problem solving research and technology transfer.

The primary roles of the undergraduate program directorate are to:

  • Ensuring the proper maintenance of student records in the Colleges in accordance with guidelines set by the Office of the Students Admission and Registrar.
  • Directing and monitoring the teaching learning process in the Colleges/programs
  • Supervising and reporting class delivery of UG program based on the reporting forwarded from Colleges;
  • Compiling report coming from Colleges in connection with class delivery;
  • Making periodic review and improvement of curricula and recommending changes and facilitating matters required for the design and revision of curriculum for new programs;
  • Developing the course catalogue and periodically updates the catalogue following curriculum revisions;
  • Ensuring and overseeing the proper conduct of examinations and undertaking all activities related to examination and evaluation of undergraduate students in the Colleges;
  • Promoting and coordinating inter Colleges course delivery;
  • Investigating the problem of teaching learning process of UG program and forward the possible solution to the problem;
  • Monitoring proper implementation of quality teaching in each Colleges/program through supervision;
  • Preparing guideline on academic issues to increase students’ and instructors’ awareness on the same;
  • Facilitating local and international internship for UG students according to the requests which come from Colleges;
  • Facilitating and coordinating the formulation of criteria for admission and placement of students to the Colleges and programs;

Vision, Mission and Goals


The Vision of the directorate for the undergraduate programs is part and parcel of the vision of the University at large. Thus, the Directorate aspires to become the center of excellence in science and technology by providing practical and problem solving teaching-learning, innovative research activities and community services in national and local priority areas which address the industrial needs and promote a holistic and sustainable development in the country.


The mission of the undergraduate programs directorate is to make the University a reputable teaching-learning and innovative research institution by cultivating competent professionals in various programs at the undergraduate levels who can respond to the needs of the industry and serve the nation.


To realize its vision and missions, the goal of the undergraduate programs directorate is devoted to cultivate graduates in various programs who can:

  • provide technical capacity to the manufacturing and other industries;
  • serve as catalyst for progress in science and technology;
  • address the immediate and long-term demand of national economy;
  • undertake basic and applied research pertinent to the recognition, characterization and resolution of societal problems
  • contribute to societal development through improved practice of profession in their respective fields


Admissions to Undergraduate Programs

Admissions to the undergraduate programs in AASTU from preparatory Colleges is based on completion of the preparatory and obtaining the necessary pass marks in the Ethiopian Higher Education Entrance Examination (EHEE) or equivalent  academic achievements from foreign countries as well as the STU entrance examination to be set by the ministry and /or AASTU.

Enrollment Statistics

In the first semester of the academic year 2017/2018, there are a total of 5147 students enrolled in the different streams of the undergraduate programs at AASTU. Of the total 5147 students, 1081 are female students whereas the remaining 4065 are male students. For further information, see the following table which contains the detailed statistics.

Table 1: Statistics of Registered Undergraduate Students during the First Semester of the 2017/2018 Academic Year by their Sex and Class Year

Class year Admission
I 1043 168 1211
II 709 190 899
III 857 260 1117
IV 669 137 807
V 775 321 1096
VI 12 5 17
Total 4065 1081 5147

Colleges Running the Undergraduate Programs

College of Applied Sciences

College of Architecture and Civil Engineering

College of Biological and Chemical Engineering

College of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

College of Natural and Social Sciences

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