Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) Celebrates International Women’s Day

With the presence of the university’s top officials, staff, students and invited guests AASTU Gender and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control   Directorate colorfully celebrates the International Women’s Day.

The day is celebrated for the 42nd time under the theme “The time is now; rural and urban activists transforming women’s lives.”


In his opening speech, Dr. Nerelegne Tefera, President of the University said that the University is committed in implementing gender equality and women’s empowerment programs with the aim of strengthening effective women’s participation and contributions. The university, he said, strongly believes that improving circumstances for women has a very strong positive effect to attain its mission. But, for this to happen, he continued, women’s active involvement and determination is needed. It is with such commitment that women can defeat stereotypes and actions related to hindering their effort to reach where they want to reach.

He closes his remarks by thanking the office of Gender and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control   to the contribution they make to strengthen women’s power. If they struggle collectively, women will have the power to ensure gender equality in the economic, social and political spheres in the country.

Dr. Adam Mekonnen, director of Gender Affairs and HAPC said that her office works vigorously to ensure gender equality among the University’s academic and supporting staff. In this regard, she applauds the University management for its all-round support when her office tries to address matters related to gender equality.

Dr. Adam also said that the office is working to improve the circumstances of University girls  in the University. Attrition rate among girls is a bit higher than boys. In this regard, she says, much work is needed to alleviate this problem. Finally, she said that girls who get an inclusive support are in a much better position to be successful in their academic achievements. To do these, we have to do hand in hand with all concerned body.

A survey study on the implementation of the national women’s Policy in Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) is presented by Ato Aneley Mekuria, expert in the Gender office.

As it is known, the University is engaged in many activities, including teaching-learning, research and technology transfer. In this regard, the survey study shows, more needs to be done in achieving gender equality and empowerment. But for this to happen, Ato Aneley said, women themselves are expected to be proactive and maximize their all-round potentials. Using all the opportunities they get, another key strategy which is needed to apply.

As it is mentioned on the program, the Gender and HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control   directorate is ready to give advice on gender equality issues and to give support to individual cases. What they need from you is to be informed with full information at an early stage possible.

The Directorate is also ready to facilitate experience sharing workshops with the aim of empowering women.

AASTU’s Art club members and staff present poems to mark the day.

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