Kemal Ibrahim Yassin  (PhD.)
    Vice President for    Administrative Affairs

Office: +251 -114 624 009
       P.O Box: 16417
       Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Welcome to the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs

The Vice President for Administrative affairs is responsible for administrative services for the University and advises the president on all matters pertaining to the management and operation of general administrative affairs, services and functions. The Vice President for Administrative affairs is responsible for the following specific duties and services:

  • Exercise supervision over the administrative, finance, purchasing, student services, human resource management, safety and security service and general services of the University.
  • Exercise leadership and promote cooperation in his wing and shall see to it that all units, sub-units under his supervision are functioning efficiently and effectively.
  • Ensure with the vice president for Academic Affairs, vice president for Research and Technology Transfer and vice president for Institutional Development for the pursuit and realization of the university vision, missions and core values.
  • Supervise periodic and annual budget, estimates and prepares proposal and other required reports;
  • Perform other functions as may be delegated by the University President.

The Vice President for Administrative affairs leads and manages the following seven directorates:

  1. Finance Administration Directorate
  2. Humane Resource Management Directorate
  3. Procurement Management Directorate
  4. Property Administration Directorate
  5. Students’ Affairs Directorate
  6. Technic and General Service Directorate
  7. Campus Safety and Security Directorate

The offices under the vice president for administrative affairs strives for ensuring staff engagement through the following three passions:

Commitment: intent to stay more

Referral: willingness to recommend AASTU to others

Motivation: drive to offer best at work.

Moreover, the office is working towards modernizing its services through digitalization for customer satisfaction by:

  • Utilizing software like IFMIS, e-GP, HRMS, Internet Banking, SIMS and IPPMS, among others.
  • Exercising implementation of Quality Management System (QMS) as per ISO 9001:2005 requirements in its entire units.
  • Deploying CCTV camera and biometric fingerprint reader to upgrade the safety and security level of staff and customers within the campus.
  • Applying modern technologies to enhance student services to be more effective and efficient.

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