September 22, 2021

Administrative Affairs V/President

     Ketsela Hailu (PhD.)
    Vice President for    Administrative Affairs

       P.O Box: 16417
       Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
The Office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs is responsible for leading, coordinating and managing six administrative directorates in order to support and provide efficient services and inputs basically to the other three wings of the university,namely the Academic wing,Research and Technology Transfer wing, and Institutional Development & International Relations wing.

The six directorates answerable to the Office of the Vice President for Administrative Affairs include:

  • Student Service,
  • Finance Administration,
  • Procurement and Property Administration,
  • Human Resource Development,
  • General Service, and
  • Safety and Security

However,it is important to note that most of the university services such as catering, security, student entertainment,maintenance and sanitary services are provided by outsourcing, which requires swift and responsive contract management system. In connection to this, I assure you that, I and my team are determined to provide efficient and effective services,facilities and inputs that would enable the academic and research wings to accomplish their mission, which of course is teaching,research, technology transfer and community service activities.
Finally, I would like to invite all interested professionals, who live in Ethiopia or abroad, to join AASTU and contribute positively to the development of our institution.

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