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The Industrial Chemistry program at the Addis Ababa Science and Technology University is opened to address shortage of industrial chemists that work on the growing number of industries. The department strives to deliver high-quality education, as per the standard of the country, and produce qualified professionals in order to satisfy the needs of industrial chemists of the country.

Industrial Chemistry deals with the commercial production of chemicals and related products from raw materials and their derivatives. It enables humanity to experience the benefits of Chemistry when applied on the exploitation of available materials and energy. Industrial Chemistry as a branch of Chemistry, therefore, comes in very useful application of scientific knowledge to a range of industrial endeavors. The pharmaceutical, cement, leather, plastic, fertilizer, textile and sugar industries are just some of the endeavors where Industrial Chemistry is applied. Structured training of the students in order to equip them with sound knowledge of the chemical principles and laboratory practices will make them capable and competent to solve problems in such industries.