Shumye Getu (PhD)

College of Social Science and Humanities Dean

The Social Sciences and Humanities College (CSSH) is one of the three colleges which were formed almost about a year ago when the University restructured its academic and administrative departments with respect to the new efficient and effective working systems that the government has set out. While established as a major actor for the realization of the envisaged vision and mission of the University, the college comprises three divisions known as Business & Management, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

The college offers various courses for freshman, pre-engineering and senior students with a goal of enhancing their entrepreneurial, social and linguistic competencies having a tacit contribution to cultivate their twenty first century skills and for the creation of a firm foundation for freshman and pre-engineering students’ academic preparations which are rendered as an asset for the successful accomplishments of their fields of study.

Moreover, aligned with the goals of creating linkage between university and industry and transferring research and technology outputs to the industry, the college also has MBA program in the fields of Industrial Management and Construction Management.

In addition to teaching, academic staffs engage in research and project, community service, and co-and extra-curricular activities.