Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate has established in June 2005 E.C by the council of ministers regulation number 144/2000.


It strong works to curb corruption to the level where it cannot become an obstacle to good governance of the university.


-In cooperation with relevant bodies, it tries to ensure transparency and accountability in the university by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education, mobilizing the employees of the university against corruption.

Short and Long-term Plan of the Directorate

  • It endeavors to create public employees who do not disregard corruption by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education, work discipline ,professional ethics, consciousness of serving the public and sense of duty among employees,.
  • It prevents corruption and impropriety in the university.
  • It strives to cause acts of corruption and impropriety to be exposed and investigated and appropriate actions are taken against the perpetrators.

Workers’ Profile

10th completed —-1
BA holders———–4

         Contact Address

        Elizabeth Araya, Director
Telephone:  0118885720
Email Address:
P.O.Box: 16417
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia<


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