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Ethiopian Higher Education Quality Council has been established

Ministry of Science & Higher Education Minster doctor Samuel Urcato, House of peoples’ representative human development and technology affairs committee executive Emiye Bitew and other higher government officials and civil  organization representatives have launched the council establishing ceremony.

Doctor Samuel Urcato, Minister of Science & Higher Education said that it has been worked on higher education access & equity for the last 70 years.

More specifically, on the recent three decades both privet & government higher education accesses and equity expanded rapidly. But the relevance and quality of higher education till needs unreserved effort, noted mister of higher education doctor Samuel.  

Ethiopian government due emphasised this issue & over all reform measures have been made on higher education programs in recent years he added.

To attain the quality and relevance of higher education program various stake holders’ collaboration is deemed important. Thus the newly established Higher Education Quality Council would have profound impacts. 

According to Doctor Samuel statement, the council not only share experiences, by expanding quality of professional competence & counselling and add value on national human resource development, but also it enables to create competent citizens in international market.

And he noted that, the ministry has started working on 211 under running higher undergraduate education’s programs accredit Project. 

The Ethiopian civil society’s organizations president Doctor Bikila Workineh on his part briefed about the council’s goals, objectives and activities.

 According to Doctor Bikila, the council is impartial, which will work on preparing higher education quality standards, conducting research on curriculum and relevance.  Moreover, it will give support for the existing & the next established civic organization.

President of Addis Ababa Science & Technology University doctor Dereje Engida has presented Engineering profession accreditation research paper.

According to Doctor Dereje, the international engineering accreditation will be given every two, three or five years.  And the system enables the sector professionals compete at international market.

The accreditation procedures follow from the fresh man program courses up to graduation and after graduation continual practical profession engagement. 

Addis Ababa Science & Technology University started working on these international engineering accreditation criteria Doctor Dereje said.

The council establishment ceremony participants have visited Addis Ababa Science & Technology University centres of excellence and the centres’ expansion projects. And they have planted trees in Addis Ababa Science and Technology University compound

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