Expatriates Induction Day

AASTU Staff Development and Public and International Relations Directorates held an Induction Program for expatriate teachers on Wednesday, October 25/2017. Dr Nurelegne Tefera addresses welcoming speech and introduces the University’s vision, mission, college profiles, rules and regulations to the expatriates.

The academic-vice President of the University, Professor Teketel, mentions the roles and responsibilities of the expatriates in the Areas of Academics such as teaching leaning, preparation of teaching modules, creating links, and committee works and so on. The Research and Technology Transfer Vice-President, Dr Adane Abraham also explains the roles and responsibilities of the expatriates in the areas research and publications such as research, publication, and community services, university industry linkage, grant finding, and center of excellence and so on. Finally, Dr Temesgen Wondimu, the Vice-President for Institutional Deployment and Business mentions the expectations the university demands from the expatriates.

On the whole, this event aims to activate expatiate teachers’ participation in various activities of the university in order to augment their contributions. The activity included a number of events including campus tour. The expatriate teachers also reflected their own feeling regarding their experiences of the university.

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