Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) was established in 2011. AASTU is the first University to be established as a specialized institution for science and technology in the history of Ethiopia. Due to the special attention given for AASTU by the Ethiopian government, the university is accountable to the F.D.R.E Ministry of Science and Technology.

AASTU is entrusted with a responsibility to serve as a leading player in the ongoing transformation (from agrarian economy to industrialized economy) of Ethiopia. As a result, almost all academic and research areas are designed to meet national and continental demands. Currently, the university is running undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD programs in its five science and technology colleges. Along with this eight centers of Excellence have established aiming to making AASTU a research epicenter.

Vision:- The university has a vision to be “an internationally recognized and respected hub of science and technology with strong national commitment and significant continental repute by 2025”.

Mission AASTU has a mission, to deliver the three pillars of higher education namely teaching, research and community services at the highest possible, cutting edge standards to the nation.



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