Human Resource Magm’t


“University for Industry.”

Human Resource Management Directorate 


  1. Ensure that accurate job descriptions are in place,
  2. Provide advice and assistance with writing job descriptions,
  3. Provide advice and assistance when conducting staff performance evaluation,
  4. Identify training and development opportunities,
  5. Organize staff training sessions, workshops and activities,
  6. Process staff requests for outside training while complying with policies and procedures,
  7. Present and assist in developing human resource related strategies & policies such as HR Planning and Development Policies and guide lines,
  8. Establishing, documenting , and providing staff with measure – able performance criteria,
  9. Provide basic counseling to staff who have performance related obstacles,
  10. Provide staff orientations,
  11. Assure compliance with all applicable employment related laws and regulations,
  12. Conducting and /or participating in interviewing & hiring as well as promotion & transfer decisions,
  13. Supporting labour and other HR related contract negotiations,
  14. Developing, refining & implementing employment related record keeping policies, procedures and practices,
  15. Assist in implementing staff safety requirements and program(s) or guidelines,
  16. Support and document civil service related activities,
  17. Suggesting process improvements to immediate Supervisor,
  18. Effect staff recruitment, promotion, demotion, transfer and other alternation as decided & directed by the relevant & concerned bodies,
  19. Follow up the overall & working plan and its implementation of HRM Directorate,
  20. Execute all the necessary employee disciplinary measures taken,
  21. Prepare monthly quarterly, semiannual & annual action plan,
  22. Present quarterly, semiannual and annual performance report of the Directorate to immediate supervisor,
  23. Provide advice and assistance to staff and management body on pay and benefits systems,
  24. Explain employment standards and legislation such as workers compensation and fair practice of civil service proclamation and guidelines,
  25. Play a leading & key role in monitoring, evaluating, rewarding, team building and fairly administering the employees,
  26. Proposing and managing operational components of the staff budget,
  27. Design, implement and manage organizational development programs (such as performance management, carrier development, training & developing, succession planning, leader ship development, etc) that help to establish the strategic vision for HRM and effectively meet the needs of the University,
  28. Coordinating, directing and supporting HR teams’ work quality control procedures,
  29. Reviewing and auditing human resource management in the University,
  30. Based on higher level Management body (MC/AC/Supervisory Board decision revising existing organizational structure & under take staff redeployment,
  31. Provide guidance and support in administering human resource strategies, policies and procedures to ensure that both academic and administrative staffs receive fair and responsible treatments to establish a conducive work environment,
  32. Utilize high level consulting skills to coach and provide feedback to respective managers on leadership direction and style,
  33. Counsel managers/heads to improve and concrete employee performance by utilizing measurable coaching techniques,
  34. Ensure positions and jobs descriptions are updated, evaluated, and market priced on a consistent basis.
  35. Perform any other duties as assigned to by immediate supervisor in line with the scope of tasks of HRM.


The incumbent must have proficient knowledge in the following areas:-

  • Human resource management
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance review methods and techniques
  • Staff training, development and recognition,
  • Delegation,
  • Mentoring and coaching,

An understanding of Civil Service Proclamation, directives, as well as relevant legislation, policies and procedures.






  1. Implement policies, strategies, laws and directives issued regarding Civil Service Administration;
    2.    When  directed by  the  institution, under takes  studies  of  organizational  structure  and  staffing  plan in accordance  with  the  directives on  the  classification  of  position issued  by  the  Federal  Public Service& Human Resource Development (FPS HRDM)  Minister  to  enable  it  to  achieve  institutional goals.
    3.    Implement salary, different types of allowances & incentives issued by Federal Public Service & Human Resource Development Minister;
    4.    Prepare and submit human resource needs of the institution to respective bodies, implement  and  follow  up  same  up on  approval ;
    5.    Implement  employment, placement, promotion, transfer, performance appraisal  and  disciplinary  measures  of  Civil Servants   in  accordance  with  laws  and  directives;
    6.    Implementing  enabling  directives  for  women, handicaps and members of nationalities comparatively less represented in the government office that  enhance  their  employment  opportunity  and participation  in dealing  with  civil  servants   affairs and  follow  up  its  implementation;
    7.    Execute staff regular working hours, overtime work and different leaves as of civil service proclamation 515/2007.
    8.    Introducing staff obligations and ethics expected from staff of the University.
    9.    Conduct  training  needs  assessment  of  the  institution’s employees  with  a  view  to  make  employees  training  effective, implement  same  up on  approval, supervise  its  implementation;
    10.    Ensure  that the  work  place  does not  cause  hazards  to  the  health  and  safety   of  employees  and  proposes  to provide  them  with protective  devices  and materials  and  give  them instructions  on  their  usage;
    11.    Organize  uniform human resource  data  management  of  the  institution, collect  and  organize statistical  data  regarding  employees  of  the  institution and  disseminate  to  the  concerned  bodies  of  the  institution;
    12.    Present  service  extension request  of  employees  beyond  retirement  age  to  Federal  Public  Service  & Human Resource Development Minister,  follow  up  its  final  decision  and  implement  same  up  on approval.
    13.    Provide consultancy services on Human Resource Management issues.




Provide  quality  human resource  services  to  attract, develop, motivate  and retain a  diverse  work  force  within a  supportive  work  environment. We do this with an emphasis  on  customer  based  service  delivery on  consultation and  communication  with  members  of  AASTU Community. The HRMD is also  committed  to  support  and  to  implement  HRM policies, strategies, laws and  directives  issued by Federal Public Service & Human Resource Development  Minister aimed  at  ensuring  good  governance and  operational  excellence.


The vision of HRMD is to share AASTU’s vision, core values and motto:
“AASTU shall be the first choice in Ethiopia and a premier center of excellence in Engineering ,Applied Science and Technology in Africa by 2025.”


  • Honesty  and  integrity
    Transparency  and  accountability
    •    Respect  for rule  of  law
    •    Sense  of  belongingness  and  ownership
    •    Great respect  for  our  works  and  delivery  services
    •    Professional  ethics
    •    Responsiveness
    •    Nurturing  diversity
    •    Effectiveness
    •    Impartially  serve  the   customer  & stake  holders
    •    Promote  meritocracy
    •    Excellence  in  service  delivery








የሀገር ውስጥ መ/ራን  

የውጪ ሀገር መ/ራን


ጠቅላላ ድምር

ረዳት ሌክቸረር /BSc/  

ሌክቸረር /MSc/



ሁለተኛ ዲግሪ ሦስተኛ ዲግሪ
01 65 10 75 139 22 159 14 14 10 4 14 9 9 235 36 271
02 55 13 68 21 2 22 8 8 83 15 98
04 9 1 10 3 1 4 1 1 13 2 15
05 1 1 75 7 82 3 3 1 1 78 9 87
ድምር 59 10 69 278 43 321 41 3 41 10 4 14 18 1 19 409 62 471








የትምህርት ደረጃ

የአስተዳደር ሰራተኞች ፕሮጀክት ሰራተኞች የኮንትራት ሰራተኞች  


1 ዶክትሬት ዲግሪ
1 ማስተርስ ዲግሪ 2 2 4 2 2 4
2  ዲግሪ 57 19 76 7 1 8 65 19 84
3 ዲፕሎማ 60 98 158 60 98 158
4 ከዲፕሎማ በታች 52 94 146 2 2 54 94 148
            ድምር 171 213 384 7 1 8 2 2 180 214 394


Office:- 0118 960787 / 0118267922
P.O.Box:-  16417
Addis Ababa,Ethiopia