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Gender Affairs Directorate

The Gender Affairs Directorate of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University was established in 2012 G.C to ensure that gender issues are mainstreamed in the activities of faculties’ schools and departments, ultimately to come up with a University Community that is free from gender based violence.

  • The Addis Abba Science and Technology University gender affaires directorate aspires to the prevalence of a gender based violence free university community in which the rights and benefits of the two genders are ensured.
  • The mission of the AASTU gender affairs directorate is to enable the university to be a leading higher educational institution in creating a gender sensitive university community by which gender issues are mainstreamed and gender equality is ensured.
Services provided by Gender Affairs Directorate of AASTU
  • Delivering short term trainings on Gender and Gender Issues
  • Producing brochures and other written materials on Gender and Gender Issues
  • Gathering sex-disaggregated data to reveal the existing gender gap
  • Providing financial and material support for students particularly for female students
  • Providing guidance and counseling services for students
  • Organizing edutainment activities to raise students awareness on gender and gender issues
Current staff profile
Name of staff Qualification Position
Meseret Techane MA in Gender Studies Director
Negest Wondemneh BA in Sociology Expert
Frehiwot Tefera   Clerk
Short Term Plans of the Directorate
  • Conducting trainings, workshops and panel discussions on gender and gender issues
  • Organizing income generating activities to support low earning students
  • Celebrating international and national events (days) to create awareness on gender and women’s rights
  • Organizing experience sharing events among high school female students and the university female students and female instructors
Long Term Plans of the Directorate
  • Enabling the university deans, directors and department heads to integrate gender in their plans and activities
  • Empowering female students to enhance their academic performance

AASTU Facilities

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