Laying a foundation for STI

Among the sixteen Centers of Excellence (CoEs), identified by Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST)  , Addis Ababa Science and Technology University officially launches Eight of them  on the first of June , 2017 in the presence of Prof Afework Kassu, State Minister of MoST  and other top management of AASTU.

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Nano Technology, Nuclear Reactor Technology, Sustainable Energy, Biotechnology and Bioprocessing, High Performance Computing and Big Data Analysis, Construction Quality and Technology and Mineral Exploration and Processing are the eight identified center of excellence- by MoST- to be functional in AASTU.

Addressing the participants, Professor Afework Kassu said that the launching of these CoEs in the university will pave the way to make use of our rapidly expanding higher education system to harness the fruits of research to the country’s national growth. Such CoEs , he added, will help fill the gap in STI areas through conducting problem solving research in health, agriculture, industry, energy, the environment, security & other areas.

Providing distinctive and relevant training programs, mainly at postgraduate (MSc and Ph.D.) levels, are another important benefit that we can get by launching such CoEs, Prof Afework said.

                                          Dr. Nurelegne Teffera , President of AASTU, in his part said that the university follows a direction whereby all research and technology transfer activities are geared towards the nationally prioritized areas, primarily in its CoEs. In this regard, he further said, the launched CoEs will advance multi-disciplinary research and education that are based on academic excellence and spirit of innovation.

Time is given to each Director to present the scope, objective, contribution to the national economy, needed labs and research focus area of her/his respective Center of Excellence, and they did so.

As the President of AASTU said, the launched CoEs are not limited to the university staff only, but rather to all higher education institutions in the country. To quote his words, “All are cordially invited.”

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