As the resource center of a higher education institution, University library is a storehouse of knowledge and information for its community as a whole, as well as entertainment and gathering station for students. I believe that building a strong library is building a strong university community—for the library service reaches out all the university community and supports majority of the university activities.

So AASTU Library strives to provide the best service in supporting the University’s mission of excellence in the teaching-learning, research, technology transfer, institutional capacity building and strategic partnership by making information resources accessible, easy and timely to all the university community and external partners.

I invite the university community to visit our website. We organized the information and resources you need from what may seem like a rather  daunting mountain of material. You can learn more about our library and see what we have to offer from where you are.

Furthermore, I encourage students to make the library an outside-classroom-learning platform by making use of available resources to broaden their knowledge and build the necessary skills to remain competitive in the dynamic world.

Hussien Seid (PhD)

Director, Library Services


P.O.Box: 16417