Over 4700 Fresh Applied Science and Engineering Students Take The Entrance Exam

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Over 4700 Fresh Applied Science and Engineering Students Take The Entrance Exam

The 2017/18 entrance exam for fresh students joining Addis Ababa and Adama Science and Technology Universities is given nationwide on September 6/2017.

More than 4700 students, who have passed their Ethiopian General School Leaving Certificate Examination (EGSLCE) successfully, are registered to take the online exam in 36 stations across the country. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English are the five subjects that are included in the exam.

To pursue education in engineering field, male and female in emerging states should score above 410 and 400 respectively. For other states, male and female students should score 425 and 410 respectively. To join applied science departments, male students from emerging states should score above 350 and female 325 while other states male students should score 375 and female 350.

Though many top scoring students sat for the entrance exam, the two universities won’t enroll more than 2400 in engineering and 600 in applied science departments. The overall information regarding students’ result and their placement will be posted on the following websites very soon.



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  1. Jemale

    i am from jijiga Ethiopia my Name is Jemale Aden Ali i took Exam 2008ec i have 398 mark i need Engineering can i join this University please because i was sick 2009ec and i did not learn any University THNKS


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