About the Postgraduate Programs (PG) Directorate


About the Postgraduate Programs Directorate

The Postgraduate Programs Directorate, formerly known as the Postgraduate Programs Office, is established in 2013 to run the postgraduate studies in various disciplines in line with the national development objectives. The directorate is designed to meet the strategic goals of the country by providing affordable, accessible, and pedagogically-structured skilled manpower who will be engaged in innovative designing, problem solving research and technology transfer.

With strong national and international networks and interaction support, the postgraduate and research programs at Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) offer candidates an opportunity to become specialists and leaders in their respective specialization.

The primary roles of the postgraduate program directorate are to:

  •  facilitate qualified professionals to alleviate the shortage of personnel in demanding industry areas
  •   prepare professionals capable to undertake basic applied research pertinent to their field of study
  •   train the professionals and equip them with the necessary advanced knowledge to handle special community problems in their respective field of graduation

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