Proud and United Nation through Culture


The office of Public And International Relation Directorate of AASTU in collaboration with AASTU GC committee celebrates the University Culture Day commemoration on December 14, 2017. Almost the majority of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University Students wear their favorite dresses to celebrate the Day.

Speaking at the occasion in the university graduation hall, participants of the cultural day said the purpose of the commemoration is to give students an opportunity to revive, promote and dialogue on their cultural heritage.

They said the occasion would also serve as a platform for exchange of information on aspects of various Ethiopian cultures which would lead to the appreciation and respect of culture. Consequently, the students would be informed on the role of culture in socio-economic development, hence attainment of their national objective of a tolerant, proud and united nation.

The day was celebrated under the theme: “Proud and United Nation through Culture.” Participant students said the theme is set to address and encourage all Ethiopians, to take responsibility and ownership of promoting and safeguarding their cultural heritage. They underscore “We are more than ready and will gladly welcome people from all over the country and outside,” The theme also inspires the university top managers, support and academic staff and the students  to consider cultural industries as a fundamental contributor in the building of Ethiopian national identity.

In addition, graduating classes of the university said the annual celebration of the cultural day advocates for the inclusion of culture as an integral sector in all spheres of development.

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