Remarks by H.E. Prof. Afework Kassu State Minister, Ministry of Science & Technology

Remarks by H.E. Prof. Afework Kassu

State Minister, Ministry of Science & Technology

at 2017/18 AASTU awardees of China Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia (CCCE) Financial Scholarship at AASTU, Dec 13, 2017


  • Your Excellency, Ambassador Tan Jian , Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the FDR of Ethiopia
  • Dear Miss. Liu Yu, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the People’s Republic of China to Ethiopia.
  • Dear Mr. Gao Lei, Executive Vice Chairman of CCCE.
  • Nurelegne Tefera, President of AASTU
  • Dear Invited Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Afternoon!

On behalf of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Science and Technology, it is an honor and a great privilege for me to address participants of this special event on ” Financial Scholarship  from China Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia (CCCE)  to students of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University.

At the outset, please join me in congratulating China Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia, AASTU, the awardees and all involved in realizing this initiative.


Ladies and gentlemen,


It is good to see so many of our students picked from a range of departments, who have all successfully achieved remarkable grade point averages that have qualified them for the scholarship. It is believed that the scholarship will motivate not only the awardees but also other students to follow the footsteps of the awardees.


As academic excellence demands continued nurturing, the awardees are required to keep the bar of excellence very high and always strive for better performance. Such an exercise will lay the foundation for better future in your academic and work life in one hand and for quality of education on another.

In this regard the Ministry of Science and technology would like to encourage the awardees to excel in your endeavors and AASTU to scale up such an initiative to other areas of its mission such as academic, research, technology transfer and community services as recognition of excellence is a driving force for motivation and better outcomes.

Appreciating the current scholarship scheme of China Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia (CCCE) in this initiative, we would also like CCCE to discuss with leaders  of AASTU to find additional areas of scholarships that would help the university in achieving its mission and vision. This is needed now as the university is currently striving to establish centers of excellence and opening need based postgraduate training programs, which would definitely benefit from similar initiatives of capacity building.


Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen,


Taking this opportunity, please allow me to recognize and mention the very strong and strategic collaborations between the FDRE and the Peoples Republic of China in areas of Science and Technology. Few examples among the many, which are of interest to us here, are

1) a MoU signed between “Ministry of Science and Technology and INSPUR” during the One Belt and One Road Initiative event in China to establish a high performance computing facility at AASTU, a facility which will serve not only AASTU but also many other institutions of the country;

2) a center of excellence established here at AASTU by support from a Chinese company called CNBM for material sciences research, technology transfer and services; a center which is believed to fill a missing gap in cement technology and others;

3) an ongoing ”Data Center  capacity building and facility upgrading to HPC’ initiative at MoST with HUWAE;

4) our collaboration on “Betre-Science, a National Science and Technology Human Resource Capacity building aimed at sending over 36,000 Ethiopians for Bachelors, Masters, PhD, postdoctoral and short term trainings to overseas”, where a significant proportion of support as scholarship has been obtained from Peoples Republic of China;

5) scholarship offered to “young and talented Ethiopian scientist”  to study in Chinese universities and research institutions, an initiative by MoST and Chinese MoST where several Ethiopian scientists are benefitting from;

6) opportunities for staff members of the Ministry and its reporting institutions on “continues professional development (CPD) in the form of short term training in China”; and many others.

Appreciating the diverse supports, we are confident that such collaborations would be widened in the future and would bring the desired outcomes and long term impacts beyond the immediate outputs.

Finally, I would like to assure you of the continued support and commitment of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the FDRE to China Chamber of Commerce in Ethiopia (CCCE); Embassy of the Peoples Republic of China to Ethiopia and all partners involved in such a rewarding initiative.


Once again, congratulations to the awardees and all.


I thank you.

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