Research Directorate


Mesfin Tafesse (Dr.), Director
Research Directorate

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P.O Box: 16417 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Short description about the Office

One of the major missions of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) is to fully augment its education and training programs with relevant researches and technologies in order to maintain and support the development agendas and transformation plan of the country.

Steered with high national demands and expectations, AASTU has a vision of becoming a hub of excellence in science and technology in the country.  The University is established with a special mission to focus on science and technology education and research pertained to the national development agendas for industrial and economic transformation of the country. Thus, AASTU fosters a vibrant high impact education, research and innovation environment to produce qualified graduates (competent researchers, innovators and proficient trained workforce)for industrial and economic transformation of the country.

Research Directorate

Office of Research Directorate administers the university’s research grants and policies, together with ongoing support and guidance to academic staff and students engaged in research. These majorly include providing support concerning: capacity building; funding sources and grant proposal preparation, applications, and processing for approvals; funding agreements and budget administration; ethical approvals; facilitating negotiations with external bodies relating to research collaborations; project monitoring, follow-up, evaluation, and reporting/deliverables; project closeout, research disclosure, dissemination, and publication; and IP (Intellectual property) protection. The office endeavors to realize AASTU’s aspiration to attract and cultivate the best and brightest researchers and graduates. It facilitates collaborations with industries, other institutions and research organizations, the community, government and not-for-profit organizations to achieve positive research outcomes with meaningful national and global impact.

Research Direction and Focus Areas

AASTU focuses on conducting problem-solving research that emanates from the existing and actual problems of the community and industries through its University-Industry linkage scheme. The researchers are expected to be multi-disciplinary across a broad spectrum of science, social science, engineering, and innovation areas in order to promote multidisciplinary discoveries, new technologies and inventions that arise through the integration of faculty, researchers and students from multiple programs across disciplines, departments, schools, industries, and other national and international collaborators.

Thematic Research areas

AASTU’s core research focus areas are defined on the basis of the priority needs of the country. It’s Thematic Research focus areas include the following:

  • Manufacturing and Electromechanical
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical & Material Sciences and Technology
  • Food Science, Applied Nutrition & Technology
  • ICT, Electrical and Electronics
  • Construction and Transport Technology
  • Energy, Water, and Environment          

Capacity Building

Through its research direction and focus areas, the office of Research Directorate is thus actively engaged in institutional and staff capacity building in research through establishing research facilities, conducting of trainings (such as proposal writing skills, scientific writing and data analysis and management), seminars (at school and University levels) and research workshops/conferences and support postgraduate researches to trigger and enhance the research endeavor of its academic staff and the University research environment at AASTU