Seble Birhanu’s Anecdote of the 2016/7 CCCE Award

I am Sable Birhanu from electrical and electronics engineering department of fourth year student. I am here representing one of the last year’s CCCE scholarship award winners .I am really honored to speak here on this occasion.

First and foremost, I would like to forward my sincere gratitude to CCCE. You did not only bring us financial support but ultimately expand our academic endeavor morally. That prize also created a great competition among winners. Thank you for everything you did for us!

My gratitude and acknowledgments also go to  ministers ,ambassadors ,our university administrative communities ,our college  teachers and academic staff members who closely work hard to  make our university a strongly collaborated with  industries.

I believe that there are so many Ethiopians having good academic performances who need this chance to facilitate their economy and also moral challenges .I look forward from ambassadors, ministers and agents to do more on those Ethiopians to promote our university on abroad.

Dear this year’s CCCE scholarship award winners, beyond our academic performance, a lot of things are expected from us .Since we are the strong forces of our university and country, we have to immerse ourselves in the diverse community to create a better tomorrow.

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