Welcome to the Dean of Students Service Office

The Dean of Students Service Office creates a culture of care for students and staff by providing exemplary services planned to improve students’ academic and personal development. It serves as a central role in a student’s learning and personal development, advancing the University’s mission of Excellence by equipping students with the skills, confidence and experience to be engaged campus citizens and effective leaders who will make a positive impact on the national as well as global community.

The Dean of Students Service staffs is committed to building and maintaining a vibrant community which is inclusive and open to new and differing experiences and viewpoints. The Dean of Students Service Office with its different teams provide leadership and oversight to many divisions all of whom promote educational and leadership experiences that prepare them to serve their communities and respect the dignity of all persons.

Students at AASTU are advised to familiarize with the student service offices which provide welfare services to them on the Campus on a day-to-day basis. The Student Services consists of a range of teams that strongly support students and the university clients. The teams are committed to sensitively address the needs of our students through a dynamic procedure and staff management that is premeditated for effective and efficient welfare provision in all areas of the offices. The Student Services offices highly encourage and prioritize well disciplined, ethical and morally strong students who fully engage in innovation, creativity, and excellence in science and technology.

Vision and Mission of the student service dean

In orthodoxy with AASTU’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan of 2030, the Students’ Service Dean Office is committed to ensuring that our services are up to continental / international standards.


The Students’ Service Dean aspires to provide quality services and administrative excellence by sensitively addressing the needs through strategically designed procedures of appropriate, efficient and effective welfare provision.


The Dean of Students’ Service Office supports the University’s student-centered mission by focusing on creating a culture of care for students, Providing education through extra-curricular activities, advocacy, and support to encourage and empower all students to achieve  success in their academic, social, and personal development, improve the spirit of team work to promote and encourage well-being, and foster an inclusive campus climate and facilitates the successful navigation of campus life.

Objectives of the Students’ Service Dean

  • Improve  organizational resources and asset management

  • Develop basic and supportive students’ services delivery and access

  • Advance knowledge, skill, motivation, & professional ethics of the staff

  • Improve working environment, organizational culture and leadership

  • Establish and maintain the necessary infrastructure and facility

  • Maintain student welfare (peace, health, security, and academic success)

  • Identify and assist students with different categories of need

  • To redirect the behavior of Students into acceptable patterns.

  • To protect the rights of all students within the university community

  • Promote student development and enhances the AASTU student experience through intentional intervention and guidance, programs, services, and crisis intervention.


Core Values of the student service offices

  • Appropriateness

  • Success

  • Equity

  • Excellence

  • Quality

  • Relevance

  • Transparency

  • Participatory  

  • Accountability

Teams and Services

“Instead of going out to dinner, buy good food. Cooking at home shows such affection. In a bad economy, it’s more important to make yourself feel good.”

Ina Garten

Sport, Recreation and Clubs

In AASTU sport, recreation, and clubs are active in engaging the students’ and staffs. Year-in and year-out games such as football, volleyball, basketball, chess and table pool are giving options for students to spend their leisure time and refresh their mind and body. The dedicated staffs in this team provide multiple facilities such as coaching and soccer amenities. The recreation group also arranges infotainment programs such as guest shows, music concerts, coffee ceremonies, drama, theaters, poems, jokes, and stand up comedies, to cite some. Run and supported by this team, there are many clubs which function properly.

The art club Brana; in science and technology clubs the GDSC, The Ahemenes space science, CGI, Innovative advancement clubs; in the entrepreneur and mindset clubs ADC AASTU developer club, Casopia and Cognifit clubs; sport clubs Chess club and Physical Fitness, Charity club and Female club are on board which provide students to exercise and experience the real world in the university. And there are some more additional clubs.

This team’s priority is to identify and assist students with different categories of need. The team facilitates and monitors operations of professional clubs and welfare associations in the student community. It also works to strengthen student governance structures. Full maintaining of a high level of discipline and inculcating of good habits among the students is the stake here. The team also facilitates students’ participation in co-curricular activities both nationally and internationally. These would strengthen students’ participation in recreational activities on campus and outside the campus.


Student Dean

Dr. Solomon Tesfaye Bekele

Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Differential Analysis

Dean of Students’ Service

Office Location: AASTU, Block 54 office 202

Email:solomon.tesfaye@aastu.edu.et  so_te2004@yahoo.com

Mobile: +251-911-758165

Office Tel: +251-11-888-3429

 List of Staff and Contact Details: 

Tariku Solomon:

Students’ cafeteria team leader

Office Location: AASTU, Block 54 office 202

Email: tariku.solomon@aastu.edu.et

Mobile: +251-911-758165

Office Tel: +251-11-888-3429

Lamrot Eshetu Hailemariam:

Sport, Recreation, & Club Management Team Leader 

Office Location: AASTU, Block 54 office 311

Email: lamrot.eshetu@aastu.edu.et

Mobile: +251-929-522074

Office Tel: +251-11-888-3459

Psychologist team leader

Office Location: AASTU, Block 54 office 207



Office Tel: +251-11-888-3429

Wondaferew Seife T/ Aregay:

Student clinic coordinator

Office Location: AASTU, Block 54 office 102

Email: wondaferew.seife@aastu.edu.et

Mobile: +251-913-675534

Office Tel: +251-11-888-3429