The Journey to the Fulfillment of the Human Potential Course “The Michael Method”is being given to AASTU Academic Staff

The 4-day “The Michael Method”course that takes place at Addis Ababa Science and Technology University is designed to dramatically improve teachers’ teaching ability while imparting tools to maintain their relevance as lecturers in the 21st century. In addition to traditional studies in the classroom,AASTU academic staff will be able to receive new tools which will enable them to teach in the classroom in an innovative manner adapted to the era of the information revolution.

In his opening remark Mr. EliahuUliel, head of the trainer’s team, said that life in the information age, the 21st century, is characterized by large changes, large revolutions and rapid processes that change the reality we live in, sometimes within a few hours.The ability to change oneself becomes critical in order not to be left behind.

He also added that in order to be relevant in this era, each one must discover and become deeply familiar with the resources he or she has, and realize the personal potential.MICHAEL course, in which AASTU academic Staff take part in, is a unique jumping board that will train them, through special tools, to focus on their strengths, both those that are familiar to them, and those that will be revealed to them during the journey that they are about to go through together.

The MICHAEL method is a unique system of knowledge that can be learned along many years.Every graduate of a MICHAEL course feels, at the end of the course, that there is much information that he or she has not yet learned.MICHAEL course believes that love is the most authentic and affective communication tool among people. By now, over 300 thousand people have went through the process of MICHAEL in Israel and over the world, and the method has been a dramatic life change for the majority of them.

Michael method has more than 60 different programs made for variety of audiences.The method of MICHAEL was developed in 1994 and since then it is being  in Israel more than 22 years,with more than 300 thousand of graduates in Israel and around the world.The method is learned in primary schools, junior high schools, high schools, in the Israeli army as a preparation for universities and special populations and in businesses companies.

Michael has won twice in the prizes of the International Fund for Education.Mr. MennyBarzilai, one of the developers of Michael method, has received the highest honor given to a citizen in Israel for his contribution to the community on the 46th day of independence of the state of Israel.  This award is given every year to only 12 Israelis, the most important leading scientists, creators and entrepreneurs in Israel have won it so far.

In the training here in AASTU, Mr. MennyBarzilai,saidMichael method is considering many personal goals, around 70 disciplines of knowledge and skills of arts.The most significant achievement of Michael is the meaningful improvement of mental and emotional self-fulfillment within every graduate, in different, varied audiences.

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