The Quest for Wisdom: Revisiting South Korea and India

A delegate led by our University President, Dr Nurelegne Tefera, visited various South Korean and Indian Universities from April 14-29, 2018. The delegate comprises eight senior Professors, who are directors of the various Centers of Excellence of our university. The visitors also shared their experiences to the University Community on May 10/2018.



Our University has launched 8 centers of excellence for scientific discoveries and technological innovations. The initiative to establish the new centers of excellence is a nation-wide effort to build a world-class research laboratories and computational infrastructures, which will provide all researchers across the country with state-of-the-art research resources and facilities. To complement the above mission, the delegate visited various renowned academic and research institutions in South Korea and India for their modern research infrastructures and scientific laboratories, which are related to the thematic areas of its centers of excellence.


All the visited research institutes and universities are agreed to work together on the above-mentioned points  such as Teaching and Joint research, Technology transfer, Professional exchange , Student exchange, PhD advisor ship, Fellowship program, Video conferencing and Short term training.




One of the major objectives of the visit is to create research collaborations and academic relationships with the visited research institutions and universities. The research institutions and universities were identified by the coordinator of each center of excellence for their modern research infrastructures and scientific laboratories which are mostly related to the thematic areas of each center of excellence


Visiting Group


  1. Nurelegne Tefera- President of AASTU
  2. Adane Abraham-Vice President of Research and Technology Transfer, AASTU
  3. Kula Kekeba- High Performance Computing and Big Data Analytics (HPC & BDA),
  4. Derje Yohannes -Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (AI&R),
  5. Siraye Esubalew Nano Technology (NT)
  6. Daniel Meshesha-Mineral exploration, extraction and processing (MEEP)
  7. Fitsum Tesfaye-Construction Quality and Technology (CQT)
  8. Enyew Tadesse- Biotechnology and Bioprocessing (Biotech and Process)



In a day given session, all the visiting professors present their report focusing on the institutions they visited, the discussions they made, the agreement they reached and the lesson they learned from the perspective of the CoE they coordinate. Finally, Dr Nurelegne Tefera, underscored that   the main objective of the visit was to gain all rounded experience on how these institutions are established and to further twin their center of excellence with their national growth.


As the presenters said they have initiated communications to collaborate and work with these globally competent institutions in student and staff exchange, PhD student advising, short term-training options and joint research project works. Towards the end of the program, participants are given the chance to express their views with respect to the points raised during the presentation. They also ask questions and appropriate answers are given by each presenter.

As Dr. Nurelegne Tefera President of the University said in his concluding remark, “These exposure visits affirms one thing especially with respect to the center of excellencies established by our university. We are in the right track.”  With the inputs we get, he further said, we will proceed with what we have already started.



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