The Third Annual Research Conference

Research Conferences need to help us to make use of our rapidly expanding higher education systems to harness the fruits of Science, Technology and Innovations (STI) for our National Growth.

Professor Afework Kassu, State Minister, Science and Technology Minster (MoST)


From June 1st to second, 2017, Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) conducts a research conference under a grand theme, “Science, Technologies and Innovations for transforming economies” in the presence of Professor Afework Kassu, State Minister, Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) and other top management of the university.  The two-day program brings together key researchers from various higher learning institutions and other stakeholders.

Addressing the scientific community, Prof. Afework said that such scientific conference can attract greater collaborations with industry, academia and government.

Under the leadership of MoST and top AASTU management, a lot of changes are expected to happen in the university. For these changes to happen, he said, all mainly the academic staff needs to participate actively. In this regard, he continues, success stories are expected from researchers in attaining our country’s vision- becoming a middle income economy by 2025.

His Ministry Office, he said, firmly stands to address challenges faced by researchers so that they would not hamper their contribution to the national growth, Professor Afework noted.

Dr. Nurelegne Tefera, President of AASTU in his part said that the third annual research conference is believed to assemble researchers and scholars across the nation. Such workshops, he further said, will help the academia to make networks and communicate their research outputs, achievements and challenges.

AASTU will continue to organize such scientific workshops since they capitalize on our strength and reflects the role of diverse research activities that focus on science and technology, Dr. Nurelegne said.

A total of close to thirty researchers’ papers are presented in the two day conference. After every presentation, time is allotted for discussion.

Towards the end of program, the university President Dr. Nurelegne Tefera awards certificate of participation to all paper and poster presenters.

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