Trideal house design at AASTU

Trideal house design @AASTU

Belgium Ambassador to Ethiopia and Director General of the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction visited Trideal house project design at Addis Ababa University of Science and Technology.
Trideal house project design was developed by the Construction Quality and Technology center of excellence, with the aim of alleviating housing shortages for urban low-income populations and relieving poverty through urban agriculture. During the visit, Dr. Fitsum Tesfaye, Director of the Construction Quality and Technology Center of Excellence, said a Trideal house can be built on a small square meter and enables to carry out many ongoing development works. Dr. Fitsum added that the Trideal house can generate its own energy using advanced construction technology and solar energy. Finally, questions were raised in terms of feasibility, sustainability and practicality of the project and discussions were carried out accordingly.

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