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AASTU has already identified the strategic Industries …………………

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[tab title=”Leather Sector”]leather industry


List of Strategic Leather Processing Factories

As per AASTU’s current programs, we identifed the following school as a strategic programs working with Leather Processing and Products Manufacturing Industries.

  1. School Chemical & Material Science Engineering
  2. School of Mechanical & Manufacturing
  3. School of Electrical Engineering and Computing
  4. School of Biological, Chemical Sciences & Technology

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[tab title=”Textile & Garment  ” ]

Link of Textile & Garment Sector with Schools of AASTU

[tab title=”Metal & Engineering ” ]

Link of Metal & Engineering Sector with Schools of AASTU

[tab title=”Food, beverage & Pharmaceuticals” ]

Link of Food, Beverage & Pharmaceuticals Sector with Schools of AASTU

[tab title=”Minning Industries” ]

Link of Mining Sector with Schools of AASTU

[tab title=”Infra. Building & Construction” ]

Link of Infrastructure Building Industries & Construction with Schools of AASTU


[tab title=”Renewable Resource & Energy” ]

Link of Renewable Resource & Energy with Schools of AASTU


[tab title=”Communication”]

Link of Communication  with Schools of AASTU


[tab title=”Chemicals” ]

Link of Chemicals with Schools of AASTU


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