Research & Technology Transfer

Addis Ababa Science and Technology University hereafter (AASTU) is one of the new public universities of the country mainly established in 2011 to play as a forefront changing actor in the technological transformation of the country by creating strong linkage with industries. In line with the given strategic direction of Ethiopian development, the university has a mission to be problem solver of the industry, leading in the nation research, recognized in continental and international community. To achieve this mission, the university has given special attention to strength the university –industry linkage (UIL). Strong university- industry linkage is the core point to bring change in the national development.  AASTU is commented to strengthen and work with industries to bring mutual benefit for both industries and the university.

AASTU aims at conducting demand-driven research in science and technology to address the challenging issues in the country’s development plan. The outputs from the researches are to bring academic excellence and with an entrepreneurial spirit to transfer into the commercial domain, thus strengthening the links between the university and the local community, as well as benefiting the wider society.

Therefore, AASTU has been working with industries and communities in the following collaborative areas:

  • Consultancy projects
  • Joint researches,
  • Technical trainings,
  • Community services, and
  • Competency exam services for new employees.

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