Addis Ababa Science and Technology University is established to play a vanguard role in the industrialization process of the country.  It is expected to produce qualified human resource in science and technology that are geared towards conducting demand—driven research and technology transfer. Thus capitalize human resource to accelerate the economic growth through industrialization and eradicate poverty.

In order to meet this expectation the university has proclaimed its mission to unreservedly serve the industry through quality demand-driven research and technology transfer and become a “University for Industry”. To achieve this mission, the university has given special attention to strength its collaboration with local strategic industries as part of the University –Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer (UIL&TT) scheme.

UIL&TT makes effort towards collaboration with strategic industries to create partnership that ascertains mutual benefit. UIL&TT believes that the collaboration would provide the university with experts amid practical on job experience; technical skill build up of its’ instructors; student’s development towards problem solving and creativity; human resource exchange; common utilization of scarce infrastructure and many more. The industries in return would gain: productivity improvement through study/ joint researches; improved quality of products by process modification; capacity building via trainings; technology modification or technology transfer that may increase income or decrease unwanted costs; common utilization of scarce infrastructure and resource.

Furthermore to develop the spirit of entrepreneurship and make spin offs a reality, innovation programs are organized every year. This is believed to produce young minds with innovation skills to gain experience and make their products or ideas a reality and in response perhaps create new industries that benefit the society at large and the innovators themselves in particular. Innovation for solving the problems of existing industries is believed to strengthen the partnership of University and Industry, therefore, an annual Science & Technology day is held by UIL&TT to motivate students.

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