Welcome to the Directorate for Students’ Services Affairs

While welcoming, every student of AASTU is advised to familiarize herself/himself with the various areas/offices which provide welfare services to students on the Campus on a day-to-day basis. These services are available strictly to students and customarily to all clients of the university.

While welcoming, you are advised to question yourself: Who is AASTU student? AASTU student is one who has a letter of admission, is duly and properly registered for the specific semester, and has formally registered online or in person.

While welcoming, it is vital to inform the public that AASTU highly encouraged and prioritized well disciplined, ethical and morally strong students who fully engage in innovation, creativity, and excellence in science and technology.

While welcoming, it better to note that the Directorate for Student Services Affairs of AASTU consists of a range of teams that strongly support students and the university clients of every category, deal with issues of similarity and differences in a professional manner, and ameliorate the universities’ business process to the largest possible profit. The teams are committed to sensitively address the needs and wants of our students through a dynamic procedure and staff management that is premeditated for effective and efficient welfare provision in all areas of the directorate. We are keenly cognizant of the multiplicity and diversity of the universities’ staffs and the students, so we strongly seek and work hard to create an ambient atmosphere, a cooperating and united university community, and a beautiful mosaic in AASTU.

  • Vision and Mission of the Directorate

In conformity with AASTU’s Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan of 2025, the Directorate for Students’ Service Affairs is committed to ensuring that our services are up to continental / international standards.


The Directorate for Students’ Service Affairs aspires to provide quality services and administrative excellence by sensitively addressing the needs through strategically designed procedures of appropriate, efficient and effective welfares provision.


To advance the quality of services, promote effective communication, provide a responsible and democratic attitude towards our clients, improve the spirit of team work, promote participatory decision making approaches, enhance deficient services under the universities’ domain to realize its visions.

  • Objectives of the Directorate for Students’ Service Affairs
  • Increase customers (students’ and staff) satisfaction
  • Enhance budget utilization
  • Improve  organizational resources and asset management
  • Improve basic and supportive students’ services delivery and access
  • Improve documentation, communication and time management
  • Advance knowledge, skill, motivation, & professional ethics of the staff
  • Improve working environment, organizational culture and leadership
  • Establish, improve and maintain the necessary infrastructure and facility
  • Maintain student welfare (peace, health, security, and academic success)
  • Identify and assist students with different categories of need
  • Core Values of the Directorate
  • Professionalism – make and do in high ethics
  • Efficacy – advance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Appropriateness – make & do in suitability, aptly, & c.
  • Success – bring intended results (achievement)
  • Equity – promote fairness, justice, impartiality, & c.
  • Excellence –  Satisfaction through excellent services
  • Quality – delivering the highest quality possible
  • Relevance – meeting the needs of students and society
  • Innovation – striving to advance services in novelty
  • Democracy – advancing in democratic values
  • Transparency – enhancing transparent moves
  • Participatory  – promoting active involvement ( both bottom-up and top-down)
  • Accountability – enhancing answerability, liability, & c.
  • Teams and Services
  • Dining and Cafeteria Services

In Addis Ababa Science and Technology University, there is a student dining hall which is all the time eager to serve you with the meals you participated in the preparation. We are all the time concerned with serving you with healthy, delicious and nutritious food items. The menu is designed by the full participation of the students’ union and our experienced staff, and it included variety of meals put in sequence that prioritize your health and level of satisfaction. With a barcode reader, we tick meal time properly.

Besides, the university arranges multiple lounges (cafeterias), juice shops, and fast food spots where students can recreate and dine at the same time. These lounges and juice shops are intended to provide varieties of food and drink at minimum prices than the surrounding areas. From there, non-café students would benefit a lot.

  • Dormitory Services

The Dormitory Services Team is always with you under each of your buildings and rooms with the full understanding that the highest quality of students’ living and studying environment plays a significant role for the success of the students. Dormitory placement is fair, and it is based on the year and department of the students. Our dormitories intended to value friendship, and solidarity that facilitate academic excellence and innovation. In our dormitories, which are by far more than mere roofs over every student’s head, AASTU students should feel safe and secured. By expanding the internet services in the dormitories for 42 hours, we are bringing the world into your rooms and thumbs. The DStv installments in every building of the dormitories also provide array of options to watch soccer, movies, and so much more infotainment preferences from the multi-choice. We plan and operate our dormitories to fulfill your real needs in all conditions and capacities possible. Out staffs in this team strive to make sure that student residences are clean, safe, reliable, tech-supported, value friendship, and foster academic success. We work to make water accessible in all floors, maintain student cupboards and lockers, put open space chairs around dormitories, make the dormitory area (the campus) green, easy and smooth, create and maintain a strong link and harmony among key people to maintain security, peace and harmony, applying One-Card (e-ID) system in the university, installing cctv camera in the dormitory environ, in each block, floor, by the main roads, and on key locations to assist the strive to maintain the security and safety of the students. No students should worry about the security and safety of his building and room.

While we accomplish excellence in our dormitories, it shall be understood that the rights of others cannot be compromised at any level and condition. We give utmost importance to the rights and responsibilities of every student. It is important to know that noise, dirt, sniff, sharp tools, boilers, and flammable things are not allowed in the student dormitories. By and large, our vibrant staff are all time in place to assist you with any difficulty you come across.

Note that we provide disability support. If you have (or get onset on a new experience) of a particular learning difficulty that may negatively affect your learning experiences, please consult your nearby dormitory staff (proctors) so that we arrange options of support in all our areas of the services. Students shall know that some rooms have been reserved for students who would join our university with special needs. Therefore, if you have special needs (or a particular type of disability), you are advised to indicate this clearly in your application form and report in person so that we can allocate the most appropriate room possible and available.

  • Sport, Recreation and Clubs

In AASTU sport, recreation, and clubs are active in engaging the students’ and staffs. Year-in and year-out games such as football, volleyball, basketball, and table pool are giving options for students to spend their leisure time and refresh their mind and body. The dedicated staffs in this team provide multiple facilities such as coaching and soccer amenities. The recreation group also arranges infotainment programs such as guest shows, music concerts, coffee ceremonies, drama, theaters, poems, jokes, and stand up comedies, to cite some. Run and supported by this team, there many clubs which function properly. The art club (Brana) is the best example. Peace club, science and technology clubs, Red Cross club, environment club, anti-drug and anti-addiction club, innovation clubs, and entrepreneurship clubs are on board which provide students to exercise and experience the real world in the university.

This team’s priority is to identify and assist students with different categories of need. The team facilitates and monitors operations of professional clubs and welfare associations in the student community. It also works to strengthen student governance structures. Full maintaining of a high level of discipline and inculcating of good habits among the students is the stake here. The team also facilitates students’ participation in co-curricular activities both nationally and internationally. These would strengthen students’ participation in recreational activities on campus and outside the campus.

  • Health and Wellbeingness Services

Ababa Science and Technology University is a healthy university. However, the students’ health services team are the best professionals who provide stable prevention and the best care possible (medication services) with the objective of maintaining every student’s good health to increase their academic performances. Among options of health services are interventions of one-to-one support. In a proactive manner, we provide medication services up to the capacity of the clinic. In addition, the university students’ can get full medication because there is a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between our university and the Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital. Expanded services are also available to cases more severe than the treatment capacity Tirunesh-Beijing Hospital. Some of the expanded medical treatment services in consortium with other hospitals are specific learning difficulties (e.g. Dyslexia) or chronic mental health conditions. In our clinic, we also help students to access emotional support when faced with unexpected circumstances and signposting to relevant services in the city.

In a manner that is welcoming and respectful to everyone, the Students’ Clinic offers array of services that include but not limited to health promotion/disease prevention, routine health care provisions, adolescent and youth reproductive health services, reproductive health counseling and support services, VCT, contraceptives, and condom distribution and use.

  • Student Ethics and Disciplinary Affairs

Ethical and well-built students are believed to be academically successful, and they are keys to contribute for Ethiopia’s development. Good manner is what AASTU strives to excel. Obedience is what AASTU would like to scale up. AASTU never negotiate and tolerate on breaching laws, rules, legislations and ethics. Any disciplinary breach is all the time punishable. The team in this section strives to assist students to build ethics and morality. Through research, the professionals find out emerging and persisting ethical and disciplinary problems among the student community and suggest possible remedies for each. Besides, this team investigates and processes any disciplinary issue and misconduct brought to case for the directorate of students’ service affairs.       The professional staffs in this team collaboratively work for maintaining law and order, prioritizing safety and security, capitalizing on academic success, working to build integrity and in harmony among the university community, and executing appropriate disciplinary measures.

  • Guidance and Counseling Services

The Guidance and Counseling Team follows practical approaches and effective intervention activities in providing all rounded psychological support services. The main intentions in this section of the students’ service affairs directorate to build a strong emotional control, cognitive capacity, and psychomotor enhancement. Guidance and counseling is all the time conducted in a confidential manner. Both individual and group counseling is conducted. The professionals also come down to the students’ dormitories and classrooms to asses any guidance and counseling case and provide the right counseling and guidance. Our professional staffs assist students in coping with multiple stressors, managing anxiety, building self confidence and self esteem, and enhancing the academic achievement of students. Short term trainings and workshops on issues of life skills, reproductive health, adjusting to a new environment, coping with stress, and managing peer influence (pressure) are also conducted by this team.

  • The Students’ Union

The primary objective of every business process in Addis Ababa Science and Technology University is to meet the University’s target of developing the student welfare system for the attainment of academic excellence, full engagement in innovative and creative activities, high completion rate, and all-round education. The students’ union is established to actively and proactively involve and assist the university’s all moving business process. They represent the whole student community, and they are the voices of the same. Watched, monitored and assisted by the students’ house of speakers, the autonomous executive members of the students’ union represent dinning services affairs, sport and recreation affairs, general services affairs, women affairs, disability affairs, academic affairs, financial affairs, clubs and associations affairs, charity affairs, disciplines affairs, and communications affairs in the university. Any student has the right to elect and be elected as member of the students’ union every other year. The election process is purely academic, fully democratic and procedurally fair. While you stay in the union, you can exercise real life and acquire skills of leadership, innovation, creativity, communication, volunteerism, and entrepreneurship.

  1. Contacts

Dr. Alelign Aschale Wudie

Assistant Professor of Applied Linguistics and Communication

Director for Students’ Service Affairs Directorate

Email: alelign.aschale@aastu.edu.et; worldclassfreedom@gmail.com

Mobile: +251-929-361978

Office Tel: +251-11-888-3429

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