• Ongoing Projects

    Ongoing project supported by internal Research grant

     Principal Investigator Research Project Title
    Bethlehem Tesfaye Evaluation of the Implementation of Continuous Assessment: the case of Addis Ababa Science and Technology University
    Sintayehu G/Mariam Enhancing Research Culture in Addis Ababa Science and Technology University: Assessing Current Engagements and Challenges
    Fantahun Alemu Factors Affecting ICT Use by Visual Impaired Students in Ethiopian Public Universities
    Elias Tadesse Cross Boarder Illegal Livestock Trade and Its Effect on Domestic and Export Market
    Dr. Leakemariam Berhe The application of Data mining Technology in family planning: Predictive modelling for contraceptive utilization in Ethiopia
    Ashenafi Kebede Design and implementation of Solar and wind Hybrid Power System for Off-grid System and Promoting Green Energy
    Fitsum Bekele Industrial Process Mapping for Real-time Energy Consumption Prediction and Replication potential of Renewables in Ethiopian Textile industry
    Tadele Belay Design and manufacturing of light duty 3D printing machine for proto type applications
    Sintayehu G/Mariam Design and development of solar power- driven flour mill
    Yohannes Regassa Design and fabrication of waste plastics recycling machine
    N.B.V.R. Karthik Design and development of a battery operated intermobility vehicle to reduce the dependence on non-renewable resources.
    Dr. Misrak Girma Design, Fabrication and Heat Transfer analysis of integrated solar and Biogas energy system for drying process
    Dr. Sultan Feisso GPR Based Water reservoir cum None Destructive Inspection System for detecting underground water Leakages
    Ashenafi Yadessa Smart Electric Power Management at the Customer end with Prioritized Service Provisions
    Henock W/Michael Identifying Bottlenecks of Agro-Food processing Sectors in Addis Ababa and Oromia Region
    Weynshet Ferede Assessment of Ethanol production from selected sweet sorghum varieties at optimized fermentation conditions
    Kamaraj Murugesan “Development of Light responsive hybrid ZnO-Nps loaded parthenium activated carbon for removal of pollutants in waste water
    Desalegn Abit Optimization of “Absit” process factors to improve the physicochemical and sensory quality of Teff Injera
    Tiumelisan Shumiye Development of Food and Pharmaceutical Grade Cassava Starch: An Import Substitution for Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries
    Biruk Alemu Development of Bio-lubricant from castor seed (performance evaluation of different oil extraction technologies
    Dr. Mesfin Tafesse Isolation and Identification of hydrocarbon degraded Bacteria from hydro carbon contaminated sites and riftvally soda lakes microbial Bioremediation perspectives
    Fekiya Mohammed Development of Sweet Potato and Fish Oil Based New Weaning Food
    Abel woldu Fly ash based geopolymer concrete as an alternative building material
    Kamble Sudarshan Performance appraisal of ordinary Portland cement with replacement of silica nanoparticles and ash prepared from maize plant agricultural waste by environmentally friendly technique
    Dr. Mesay Daniel Impact of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Integrated Water Resources Management of the Nile River
    Yesuf Esleman Rural Electrification Through Hybrid Energy Systems: Pilot Study on Design of Hybrid Powered Plant in Remote Bore
    Hailay Zeray Assessment of Climate Change on Existing and Proposed Surface Water Storages
    Ayenew Yihune Preparation of Standard Procedures and correlations on the use of Dynamic Cone Penetrometer for Building site investigation
    Amanuel Eshetu The role of Prefabricated assembled Slab Building to the Housing Crisis in Ethiopia
    Mebit Mitiku Performance evaluation of Deflouridation of water using pumice as a low-cost absorbent
    Yohannes Hagos Potential Assessment of small-scale Hydropower and alternative energy sources at selected sites of SNNPR
    Tesfaye Eshete Use of Waste Metrics for Removal of Heavy Metals from Industrial Waste water
    Gebrehiwot G/slassie Ternary Grapheme/carbon Nitride/NiFe2O4 Nan composite as Recyclable Photo catalyst for Textile wastewater Treatment Application
    Dr Enyew Tadesse Screening and Substantiation of Experience Based Potential Functional Foods/ Nutraceuticals in Some Parts of Ethiopia to Combat Some Health Problems
    Fikre Elemo Synthesis & Characterization of some Schiff base 3-D Transition Metal Complex &Evaluation of their Antimicrobial Activities &application for adsorption of the heavy metals from industrial waste water effluents.
    Tariku Erena A Comparative Study of the Dietary Diversity and Nutritional Status of Under Five Years Children Born to Model and Regular Farmers
    Tamene Taye Assessment of Exposure of Under five Years Children to Aflatoxin and Fumonisins Contaminated Complementary Foods in the Rural Communities of Ethiopia
    Atnafu Wondimu Bacteriological Qualities of Vegetable Foods Sold at Restaurants in Roadside Towns Around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Kenatu Angassa Treatment of Municipal Wastewater using constructed wetland system: Case study of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
    Dr Ibrahim Nasser Magnetic Nanoparticles with in poly(acrylic acid) Nano gel in Cellulase immobilization and catalysis for bioethanol production
    Mamo Gebrezgiabher Synthesis & Characterization of Some Schiff base 3-d Transition Metal Complex & Evaluation of their Antimicrobial Activities and Applications for Adsorption of Heavy Metals from Industrial wastewater Effluents
    Bemnet Wondimagegnehu Design and development of solar power- driven flour mill
    Wondimagegn Girma Impact of Land Use Land Cover Changes on Water Quantity and Quality and Soil Erosion for Sustainable Water Resources Development: The Case of Weyb Catchment, Ethiopia.
    Dr. Abera Belay Investigation of specialty of coffee Arabica Honey of Ethiopia
    Mhiret Elias Evaluation of eco-friendly options for enhancing sustainability of lake Ziway: the case of selected watershed around lake Ziway, South east Ethiopia
    Dr. Brahatheeswaran Dhandayuthapani Synthesis and characterization of nanoparticles for water purification
    Rahel Alemu Synthesis of metakaoline-based inorganic polymer composite and enhancement of its sustainability
    Dr. Suresh Babu Palanisamy Holistic Approach for low tannery effluent treatment using bio sorption techniques
    Dr. Venkatesa Prabhu. S Process Optimization and kinetics studies on bacterial leaching of chromium from tannery sludge
    Dr. Aashish Roy Extracellular biosynthesis of novel metal nanoparticles using plant extract and its antimicrobial activities against pathogens microorganism for wound healing
    Dr. Madhu Nayathuparambil Thomas Design, Synthesis, Characterization, Magnetic Investigation And Biological Activities of Schiff Base Ligands And Their Complexes with First Row Transitional Metals And Lanthanides
    Dr. Daniel Meshesha Geology and economic potential of magnetite-bearing pegmatite veins from Yabello-Goto area, southern Ethiopia
    Dr. Saravanan Ponnappan Development, nutritional and sensory evaluation of soybean, maize and moringa olifera leaves powder blend as a complementary food in Akaki, Addis Ababa
    Dr. Belete Sirhabizu Material design and shape memory properties of NiTi-SiC smart composites for orthopedic slants (bio medical) application-A novel microwave sintering approach
    Getachew Alemu Synthesis of cost effective, thermal and acoustic proof building materials for enhancing the living comfort of Ethiopian rural and sub urban people
    Dr. GopiKrishna Pasam Intelligent techniques based renewable energy smart village with the concept of distributed
    Dr. G. Sanjiv Rao An efficient solid waste monitoring system using mobile based application: the case study of Addis Ababa
     Kavimukilan Gunsaekran Coffee husk ash as an alternative eco-friendly building material-strength and durability assessment of partially replacement of cement
    Malaiappan Sindhu Experimental investigation on concrete beams mixed with steel scraps and tyre waste in tension zone
    Dr. Sivakumar Ramalingam Design, simulation and fabrication of a solar Dryer with phase change materials and dehumidified air recirculation for efficiency enhancement
    Dr. Girma Gonfa Investigation of different extraction techniques for extraction of collagen from raw trimming wastes of tannery
    Dr Dereje Yohannes Analysing the automation and control systems of food processing and packaging industries in Ethiopia
    Dr Mohamand Gulfam Metal complexes with nitrogen-phosphine mixed donors, an efficient catalyst for olefin transformation
    Meseret Haile Proximate composition, physical characterization and fatty acid profile of Moringa stenopetala seed oil
    Amsalu Gosu Optimization of Rotenone extraction from bacteria plant (Milletia ferruginea) seed, alternative bio-pesticide
    Dr Araypalli Sivasenareddy Integrated watershed management in Unguaged ( data scarce) Rainfed Regions of southern catchments of upper Blue Nile river basin, Ethiopia using artificial intelligence, Geo-spatial and soft computing Techniques
    Dr. Brook Abate Impact assessment of land use, land cover and climate change on watershed hydrology in rainfed regions of Ethiopia (Upper Blue Nile Basin) using Remote sensing, GIS, Hydrological, GCM models and Multivariate Statistical Techniques
    Dr. Avinash Mahadevrao Novel water Plastic-Nano composite for asphalt pavement: development and performance Assessment.
    Dr. Rakesh Kumar Bachheti Utilization of two common Ethiopia Weeds lantana and camera and parthenium hysterophorus for nanoparticle synthesis and their application.
    Dr.K.H. Madhava Reddy Beneficiation of lignite deposit of Achibo –Sombo area, Woreda, Illubabor Zone, Oromia Region.
    Dr. A. Suresh Isolation and identification of Ethiopian indigenous microalgae and its potential for phytoremediation of industrial pollutants.

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