Technology transfer by students: Completed projects

  • A smart shoes charger
  • Automatic board eraser
  • Automatic night light with morning alarm
  • Automatic smart home
  • Automatic smart toilet
  • Battery charging system modified with digital high current
  • Building painting machine
  • Creating translator from Amharic word written in English character into Amharic character
  • Dish collecting and washing robot for AASTU’s cafeteria
  • Home intelligence security
  • Magnetically levitated train
  • Multi-purpose combination machine
  • Remote control and robotic arm
  • Robot and waving machine
  • Robotic arm, solenoid engine and exoskeleton
  • Robotic stove


Technology transfer by students: Ongoing projects

These are currently ongoing innovation projects by students

  • Water from Air
  • A line following robot
  • Legged Walking Robot
  • Mini Multi harvesting machine
  • Automatic Satellite dish
  • Theft Intimation for trucks
  • CNC machine and motion simulator
  • Reversible Footwear
  • Robotic CNC Plotter Machine
  • Automated Home Security using GSM and Arduino microcontroller
  • Striking the introduction of i-setting i-class2 wireless technology
  • Versatile CNC Machine
  • Humanoid Robot
  • Ekub
  • Renewable energy (small wind turbine)
  • Power supplier
  • Autonomous Dairy Plant
  • Automatic food cooking machine
  • Swift
  • Development of urine-based fungicide to control sorghum smut disease
  • Root crop powder production machine
  • Fabrication of simple pressing corn thresher machine
  • Waste plastic to fuel : zero pollution conversion technology

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