Short Description of the College

The College of Applied Sciences (COAS), together with the affiliated departments, serves as the central focus for applied sciences (Industrial Chemistry, Food Science and Applied Nutrition,Geology and Ecobiology) and basic sciences (Chemistry, Food Science, Environmental Science) at Addis Ababa Science and Technology University. The college encompasses a rich, diverse range of scientific expertise and initiative. Our programs and projects encourage a stimulating and challenging teaching, research and learning environment. COAS has a vision of a dynamic, world-class institution powered by the dedicated efforts of our faculty, staff and students. Our achievements will bear witness to the commitment to advance scientific knowledge and social development.


COAS has four departments, namely:

  • Department of Industrial Chemistry,
  • Department of Food Science and Applied Nutrition,
  • Department of Geology and
  • Department of Ecobiology.

Department of Industrial Chemistry


  1. Undergraduateprogram

B.Scin Industrial Chemistry

  1. Postgraduate program

2.1. M.Sc in Industrial Chemistry

2.2. PhD in Chemistry


Analytical Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Staff Profile

Industrial chemistry Staff

wdt_ID Name Qulification Acad Rank Research interest Adress
1 Dejene Ayele PhD Analytical Chemistry (Austria) Prof Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Mobility and fate of pollutants in the environment, Adsorptive removal of pollutants from water, Speciation Email :, Office B 71 R203
2 Adam Mekonnen PhD Applied Analytical Chemistry (NTUST, Taiwan) Asst Prof Natural products investigation Biocomposites and Nanochemistry Biofuels Email: adam.mekonnen office : B71 R106
3 Menbere Leul PhD Analytical Chemistry (NTUST, Taiwan) Asst Prof Nanopalsmonics Sensors (Biosensors, Chemosensors), bioanalytics Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) 2D nanomatrials Email: office : B71 R203
4 Tarekegn Berhanu PhD Analytical Chemistry (AAU, Ethiopia) Assoc Prof Food, Environment and Cosmetics, Medicinal Plant Analysis Email: office :B71 R203
5 Anteneh Kindu PhD Material Science (Kyushu University,Japan ) Asst Prof Polymer-ceramic nanocomposite materials Nanomembranes, thin films and coatings Membrane separation Antimicrobials Email: anteneh.kindu@ aastu. office : B71 R207
6 Assefa Sergawie PhD Physical Chemistry (AAU, Ethiopia ) Asst Prof Electrochemistry and Solar energy, Conducting Polymers office : B71 R106
7 Siraye Esubalew PhD Physical Chemistry (AAU, Ethiopia ) Asst Prof Sensors, Nanotechnlogy, Solar Cells, electrochemical storage systems, optoelectronic sytems Email:siraye.esubalew@ office : B71 R106
8 Getachew Adam PhD Physical Chemistry (AAU, Ethiopia ) Assoc Prof Organic polymer and perovskite solar cells, photoelectrochemical solar cells, Spectro electrochemistry and electrochemical sensors, photoelectrochemical catalytic CO2 reduction and Hydrogen generation, , Energy storage (Microbial fuel cells and batteries office : B71 R106
9 G/Hiwot G/Silassie PhD, Material Sciences and Egnineering (Jimma University, Ethiopia) Asst Prof Nanomaterials synthesis, Magnetic nanocomposites, polymer nanocomposites, Graphene based nanomaterials, wastewater treatment (photocatalysis, adsorption), Carbon dioxide reduction Email: office : B71 R207
10 Mesfin Atlaw PhD, Physical Chemistry (USTC, China) Asst Prof Structural and electronic properties of novel materials at microscale, Electron dynamics at the surface and interface in photocatalytic systems (composition structures with semiconductor, metal, carbon nano-materials), Email: Office: B71 R202
Name Qulification Acad Rank Research interest Adress



Head,Department of Industrial Chemistry

Tel: +251989679684


Department of Geology


  1. Undergraduate program

B.Sc in Geology

  1. Postgraduate programs

2.1. M.Sc in Geology

2.2. PhD in Geological Sciences


Structural Geology and Tectonics



Sedimentary Geology


Economic Geology

Engineering Geology


Dr. GilamichaelKidanemariam,

Head, Department of Geology

Tel: +251920813298


Department of Food Science and Applied Nutrition


  1. Undergraduate program

B.Sc in Food Science and Applied Nutrition

  1. Postgraduate programs

2.1. M.Sc in Food Science and Nutrition

2.2. PhD in Food Science and Nutrition


Food Science



Tariku Erena,

Head, Department of Food Science and Applied Nutrition

Tel: +251913069856



College of Applied Sciences has equipped with standard academic and research laboratories and facilities. The College is working on owning advanced and modern lab instruments and linking with international research laboratories.

Currently the college owned:

  • Sensory lab
  • Physical Chemistry research lab
  • Analytical Chemistry research lab
  • Organic Chemistry research lab
  • Inorganic Chemistry research lab
  • Petrology lab
  • Structural Geology lab
  • Remote Sensing and GIS lab

Instruments and facilities in labs


Ibrahim Nasser, PhD

Dean, College of Applied Sciences

Tel: +251944118951




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