College of Biological & Chemical Engineering

Short Description of the College

The College of Biological and Chemical Engineering was restructured in 2008 E.C aiming to contribute to industry sector, to graduate high quality students, to conduct extensive research, to participate in community service and technology transfer.


We strive to be internationally recognized as Biological and Chemical Engineering College that best exemplifies the commitment to outstanding research, student educations, and industry linkage and community service.


The College mission is to provide a high quality education in Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Food Engineering at under graduate and graduate levels that prepares them for productive careers in Engineering and related fields.


The college currently has four main departments with various specialization areas. Namely,

  1. Biotechnology
  2. Chemical Engineering
  3. Environmental Engineering
  4. Food Engineering

Department of Biotechnology

Department of Biotechnology was started to accept student in 2011 with 53 students now the department has students in under graduate and postgraduate program, in different specialization of Biotechnology.


To nurture world class industrial, agricultural and environmental Biotechnologist with a potential to innovate, invent and disseminate knowledge for the benefit of society and environment


To provide quality teaching with a strong care science concepts and application oriented knowledge and researcher in all the three main Biotechnology areas (Agricultural, Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Name of the Departments (Programs)

  • BSc in Biotechnology without specialization
  • MSc In – Agricultural Biotechnology

– Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

  • PhD in Biotechnology with specialization in
  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Industrial Biotechnology
  • Environmental Biotechnology

Short and long term plan of the Department

To equip both undergraduate and post graduate students with skills, knowledge and to adapt a research oriented approach to their studies.

Teachers’ profile

BA/BSc     9

MA/MSc     8

PhD     6

Current Student Population

Male:    86

Female:    77

Contact Address

  • Name of the Head: Teslim Yimam
  • Telephone No: 0922590822
  • Email:

Department of Chemical Engineering 

Chemical Engineering BSc study was launched at AASTU in 2012 to strengthen the link with industry. It is one of the departments in CBCE with highly qualified and committed staffs. It provides qualified education supported by laboratory and tutorial class and almost all staffs involved on research activities.


To be internationally recognized center of excellence with strong national commitment.


To produce highly qualified professionals

To solve the real problems of industries and society

To conduct research

 Post graduate specialization streams

  • Chemical Process and product design
  • Food Process Engineering
  • Bio-Engineering Engineering
  • Smart Materials Engineering
  • Under graduate programs
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Leather technology streams
  • Sugar technology streams
  • Process Engineering Streams
  • Mineral processing streams

Courses the  College offerrs

At Degree /BSc Level

  • Reaction Engineering I and II
  • Mass transfer unit operations
  • Chemical Engineering apparatus Design
  • Process Industries I & II
  • Plant design and Economics

At Masters /MSc level

  • Advanced Chemical Engineering reaction
  • Advanced Separation process
  • Advanced Transport Phenomena
  • Advanced Thermodynamics
  • Research methods and Experimental design

Short and long term plan of the Department

To do research and to form research team

To Organize laboratory

To form good working environment

Teachers’ profile

BA/BSc     14

MA/MSc    24

PhD _   4

Current Student Population

Male:        276

Female:      56

Contact Address

  • Name of the Head: Uga Waktole Bulcha
  • Telephone No: +251 911073981
  • Email:

Department of Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering education leading to BSc. Degree was launched in 2011/12. To adequately respond to the complex environmental challenges in air, water and soil quality, and energy resources of developmental needs as well as waste generation from the country’s rapid economic development.


The vision of Environmental engineering Department of Addis Ababa science and Technology University is to see an industrialized Ethiopia without compromising environmental quality, aesthetics, social responsibility and biodiversity of the nation.


The  department mission is committed to create Environmental engineers that maintain solution oriented mindset and hold professional competencies required in designing, simulating and implementing pollution mitigation facilities and who propose new ways of economic activities which synergistically operate with nature in symbiosis toward creating a green national economy without affecting the environment.

Teachers’ profile

BA/BSc     2

MA/MSc     14

PhD     1

Courses Student population

BSc Program Environmental Engineering

Male :    97

Female :  35

MSc Program Environmental Engineering

Male:        81

Female:    17

Contact Address

Name of the head: Getahun Kebede

Telephone No:   0912760452


Department of Food Engineering

Food Process Engineering BSc study was launched at AASTU in 2012 to strengthen the link between primary production and the agro industry and basic science research and Food production units and process development industries. The program is designed to develop skills, academic values, professionalism & Competence oriented towards solving problems in the food industry.


Becoming nationally renowned and preferable educational, research and consultancy service providing academic unit in Food Engineering by 2025


Meeting the needs of different areas in Ethiopian agro food industries in order to help the counters plan of Argo food industry led economy establishment.

  • Educate leader of the future in Food Engineering at undergraduate & post graduate & to transmit expertise to society.


At Degree /BSc Level

  • Food Engineering
  • Food Process Engineering

At Masters /MSc level

  • Food Process Engineering

Short and long term plan of the Department

The department aspires to launch short term training (tailor made) for SMES and middle and large scale agro-food processing industries. The department also plans to conduct researches (innovative) in collaboration to private & public organization in food engineering.

Teachers’ profile

BA/BSc     9

MA/MSc    12

PhD       0

Current Student Population

Male:      36+25+18=79

Female:      0+4+3= 7

Short and long term plan of the College

The college short term plan is to launch additional MSc and PhD programs in Biotechnology, Chemical and Environmental Engineering in the coming semester (2017/2018 First Semester) besides the existing ERA sponsor MSc in Environmental Engineering and already started PhD program in Biotechnology. And the long term plan of the College is to be one of the high caliber education, research and innovative center competent in Africa and recognized in the globe.

Staff Profile & Current student population

Teachers’ profile

BA/BSc    34

MA/MSc    58

PhD      11

Current Student Population

Male:     BSc    538     MSc     81

Female:           157                  17


Amare Tiruneh (Dr.), Dean