Welcome to ICT Directorate

AASTU to support the learning, research and community service avails various services at its premises. ICT Directorate is in charge of managing the central ICT infrastructure, the databases, interfaces, portals and websites.
The service delivery is organized into five categories:

  1.                       Technology for Teaching and Learning
  2.                       ICT infrastructure and services
  3.                      Application system development and administration
  4.                      Training and consultancy
  5.                      Technical support and maintenance

For efficient task execution, each part is discharged by specialized team Infrastructure:

The University owns a campus LAN system with standardized datacenter, fiber backbone and horizontal cabling. Wi-Fi is also available to support mobility. Virtualized servers were also deployed to host available systems.

Available Systems:

  •                      Human Resource Information Management System
  •                      Student Service Management System
  •                      Intgrated Library Management System
  •                      E-learning management System
  •                      File sharing System
  •                      Online Help-desk Management System

What do you need?

  • For network, connectivity, server and related issues please contact the ICT Infrastructure and service team
  • The application development and administration team is dedicated to automate the processes of the host institution
  • The e-Learning team is in charge of designing and implementing integrated online learning management systems
  • In-house and  outsourced training usually managed by the training and consultancy team, consultation for clients and stakeholders run by this team
  • Users support, preventive and corrective maintenance handled by the technical support and maintenance team