October 7, 2021

Research and TT V/President



Abraham Debebe Woldeyohannes (Dr.)
Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer

+251 930 097 652/
+251 11 8961442
P.O Box: 16417 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



The research and technology transfer wing of the Addis Ababa Science and Technology University is established to influence the science and technological advancement of the country through conducting adaptive research and integrating the results with teaching and industrial applications. It is structured as a typical process of integrating research, the technology accumulation and transfer, industry link and ensuring technological advancement. The wing is lead by the Office of The Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer (VPRTT) which currently overarches the Office of the Director of Research (ODR) and the Office of the Director of University Industry linkage and Technology Transfer (OUITT). The Office of VPRTT will soon establish the Office of Scientific Administration and Maintenance at directorate level to oversee the proper functioning of scientific equipments of the institute which are destined for research and teaching. As the wing expands, it has further planned to establish Specialized Research centers/institutes, Central research laboratories, and Technology Park.

The Office of The Director of Research promotes the schools’ initiative for Research and oversees its undertakings. In the first call for research proposals, nine researches are awarded for internal grants of the 25 proposals submitted. The university continues to expand its research vision by promoting the staff soliciting of external grants, building the research infrastructure at the university, and working on industry collaborations.

By large, in order to make more contribution to the progress of industry and improve the quality of education, we need to build strong linkage with industries and constantly promote the cooperative activities, thereafter. To that end, the OUITT is responsible to connect the University with the industries and other stakeholders. It is now laying a foundation to establish strong linkage with various ministries, industries and institutes including Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry, Textile and Leather Industry Development Institutes, Ethiopian Roads Authority, Metal and Engineering Corporation, National Metrology Institute, National Alcohol and Liquors Factory, Tirunesh Beijing Hospital, and Water Works Design and Supervision Enterprise for staff exchange, student attachment and to carry out need based joint researches and technology transfer.

The OUITT is also responsible for management and protection of the intellectual property assets of the university. In the long run, our mission is to help turn the research results into tangible products by evaluating disclosures for its patentability and potential commercial possibilities.



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