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Women’s STEM role consultative workshop closed with establishing its research network

Members of women scholars from Ethiopian Higher Education, research institutes, and various national ministries participated in two days consultative workshop. The workshop was concluded with the establishment of female scholar research network which was proposed at the workshop. The women scholar network structure would strengthen their solidarities, experience sharing, cooperative & sound research results. Thus, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, science & research affair director General Doctor Solomon Binor assigned three members of female scholars who will work on it. Moreover, there will be a social media plat form where women scholar research networks will continuously discuss on this issue. The research networks will contribute for higher education research development, Doctor Solomon stated.

According to Doctor Solomon’s statement, as pedagogy courses along with research capacity building mentorship is important for young scholars, it must be delivered by those who are experienced and their works have been published on international standard academic journals.  He noted that predator publishing jeopardizes the scientific ethics of academicians which may influence the institution’s as well as the individual’s honor. Young researchers may face this challenge due to limited experience while there are some senior researchers who deliberately work for the sake of self-interest regardless of scientific code of ethics.   

Doctor Derje Enegda the president of Addis Ababa Science & Technology University told the participants to take their role on STEM.  AASTU would invite guest lecturers among the participants and most importantly its center of excellence will be open to teaching learning and research activities for them, he elaborated. Now other than AASTU students, bystanders’ high school students have been engaging on AASTU STEM in its center of excellence. In the feature, a platform for their innovation, incubation and commercialization actives which would take place here in AASTU would be arranged, he added. Finally, the participants visited the centers of excellence, science museum and other infrastructures in AASTU.  

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